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Empower your analyst with minimizing the tool learning time and analytics ready data


Built with modular and lightweight components

Varied Endpoints

Varied end points including Cloud, On-premise, Formal & Informal Systems

Filter Data at

Apply custom data filters before inserting data into target

What will you automate today?

  • Workday Connector has inbuilt understanding of Workday Object Model
  • Auto learning capability to highlight business critical elements in extremely easier fashion.
  • Abstracts the complexity of effective-dating for all the Workday objects for identifying changed data or data between custom data ranges
  • Leverages Workday Public API and Workday REST API supporting variety of data extraction requirements
  • Simplified UI to extract data from JOB Information Model including Job Categories, Classifications, Families, Profiles etc
  • Full loads and Ongoing data changes of Worker Information Model via GET_WORKER, GET_CONTRACTOR, GET_EMPLOYEE APIs
  • Out of the box support to extract Organization Hierarchies (Department, Business Unit, Company etc)
  • 50x times simpler compare to any other WDAY connector in market to extract Employee or Contractor personal including all the related information

Effective integrations with Nimmetry

Drag and drop model to enable zero learning curve

Varied endpoints to enable maximum connectivity for your HR solutions

Microservices architecture so that individual process can be improved and scaled in parallel

Apply custom data filters to customizes target data tables from multiple sources


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