Get the most out of your customer success platform
Connect with Salesforce today

Deep Connectivity

Deep connectivity & Automated Integration of source changes into Target


Built with modular and lightweight components

Varied Endpoints

Varied end points including Cloud, On-premise, Formal & Informal Systems

Analytics Ready

Out of the box denormalized & Analytics ready Information Model

What will you automate today?

  • selective attributes of “Account” created and modified in SalesForce instance to any standard database or file targets
  • of the box support to “Bulk Query” allowing extraction of million of rows from any Salesforce object (sObject) with best performance
  • of SalesForce query language (SOQL) is abstracted for citizen integrators
  • entire or selective data of Account / Contact / Lead / Opportunity(or any sObject) from Salesforce instance into your Archival store
  • all the relations of Account / Contact / Lead / Opportunity (or any sObject) and load data as needed
  • snapshots of your data on a daily/weekly/monthly basis (or any frequency)
  • a holistic view of Account / Contact / Lead / Opportunity objects along with selected attributes of all related objects
  • identify and load modified data for any sObject
  • and perform data quality checking of business critical fields in Account/Contact/Lead/Opportunity in your SFDC instance

Effective integrations with Nimmetry

Build connections with deep knowledge of the source endpoint's meta data so that structural changes from source to target are automated and hassle free.

Varied endpoints to enable maximum connectivity for your CRM solutions

Microservices architecture so that individual process can be improved and scaled in parallel

Informational model aware data extraction from Salesforce to serve data ready for analytics


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