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Zero-Learning Curve
Designed for Citizen Analyst

Empower your analyst with minimizing the tool learning time and analytics ready data

Archival Snapshots

Create archival snapshots on regular intervals

Information Model
Aware Data

Information model aware Data Extraction from premier cloud systems so that data is served the way you need

Filter Data at

Apply custom data filters before inserting data into target

What will you automate today?

  • Supports Common Data Information Model of Microsoft Net Dynamics
  • Automatic identification of Meta data and Data changes happening at Net Dynamics source instance
  • Out of the box support to Sequential & Asynchronous way of extracting data
  • OOB industry standard (best way to REST) oData support - including the way of selection, filtering and identifying relations
  • Identify all the relations of Account / Contact / Lead / Opportunity (or any sObject) and load data as needed
  • Ability to create snapshot of your data on a daily/weekly/monthly basis (or any frequency)
  • Do you want to create a holistic view of Account / Contact / Lead / Opportunity objects along with selected attributes of all related objects as well ?
  • Define and perform data quality check of business critical fields in Account or Contact or Lead or Opportunity in your Net Dynamics CRM instance

Effective integrations with Nimmetry

Drag and drop model to enable zero learning curve

Ability to take snapshot at provides a way back to allow to access old data.

Information model auto-suggest correlated tables or objects for extraction. Generates de-normalized tables along with normalized tables

Apply custom data filters to customizes target data tables from multiple sources


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