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Zero-Learning Curve
Designed for Citizen Analyst

Empower your analyst with minimizing the tool learning time and analytics ready data

Seamless Integration

Smart data modeling allows data integration and extraction to be smooth process

Automatic Data

Any data change at the source would reflect automatically on the target without any extra processing

Unified Platform

Data flows through a unified platform irrespective of the source and destination giving greater control over data flow

What will you automate today?

  • bulk extracts via Asynchronous processing
  • data from SIX(6) Eloqua Elements (Contacts, Accounts, Activity, Events, Campaign Responses, Opportunities) done with best performance
  • loads of "Custom Objects" and "External Activities" is done effectively and efficiently
  • Expression Language (EEL) is supported out of the box abstracting the complexity while filtering data from Eloqua instance.
  • to create snapshot of your data on a daily/weekly/monthly basis (or any frequency)
  • and perform data quality checking of any Eloqua element data including Custom & External Activity objects
  • entire or selective data of any Eloqua object into your Archival store
  • of the box support for meta data definitions across multiple versions for all the Eloqua elements

Effective integrations with Nimmetry

Drag and drop model to enable zero learning curve

Extract data from source, rename columns, perform data filtering, data enrichment and quality checks

Changes are reflected in target tables without additional processing

Monitoring dashboards for production environment


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