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Information Model
Aware Data

Information model aware data extraction from premier cloud systems so that data is served the way you need

Archival Snapshots

Create archival snapshots on regular intervals

Supports Hybrid
Integration Pattern

Connects legacy systems to databases

Seamless Integration

Smart data modeling allows data integration and extraction to be smooth process

What will you automate today?

  • Integrates Conversations, Messages and Message Attachments as holistic information model
  • Support Hybrid integration pattern leveraging both parallel and sequential data loads of million of messages from Drift Instances
  • Seamless integration of Users and Contacts
  • Unlimited data extraction from Playbook entities
  • Out of the box support for meta data definitions across multiple versions.
  • Ability to create snapshot of your data on a daily/weekly/monthly basis (or any frequency)
  • Define and perform data quality check of business critical fields in Drift instance

Effective integrations with Nimmetry

Information model auto-suggest correlated tables or objects for extraction. Generates de-normalized tables along with normalized tables

Ability to take snapshot at provides a way back to allow to access old data.

Allows for seamless and secure connectivity between cloud and on-premises applications and services

Extract data from source, rename columns, perform data filtering, data enrichment and quality checks.


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