Data Migration for Legacy & On-Premise systems

Are you migrating data from multiple databases to Snowflake, AWS or from multiple databases to SAP HANA? Moving data from one datastore to another can pose a challenge for any size organization. Various database tools can pose challenges with their different migration process, making the whole process complex and bloated.

Nimmetry provides a unified data migration platform for industry leading databases both on-premise and on cloud

Feels like you are left behind?

Change in Business and technology is inevitable. Mergers & Acquisitions, moving away from legacy systems, moving on-premise applications to cloud and replacing homegrown applications with off the shelf products are some of the examples which bring their own challenges.

Unable to automatically recognize changes in metadata or other data changes at source

Sequential data processing makes data migration slow from data point-to-point

Inability of the system to recover gracefully from failures. leading to data corruption

Get ahead with Nimmetry Data Integrator


Unified Platform

Single platform to handle migration processes from industry leading databases

Change Management

Supports metadata change management and data change management

Micro services Architecture

Highly scalable platform allows configurable embarrassingly parallel processing at data chunk level.

Granular Failure Recovery

Capability to restart at the lowest level allowing graceful recovery of only the tasks that failed


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