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Data flows through a unified platform irrespective of the source and destination giving greater control over data flow

Filter Data at

Apply custom data filters before inserting data into target

Varied Endpoints

Varied end points including Cloud, On-premise, Formal & Informal Systems

Information Model Aware Data

Information model aware data extraction from premier cloud systems so that data is served the way you need

What will you automate today?

  • Supports data extraction for both Expense Management and Travel Management modules
  • Best and easy way to implement continuous ongoing extraction of expenses facilitating Sales and Marketing audit and compliance reporting
  • Supports bulk extraction of Expense management data to integrate with Accounts Payable, GL from ERP for holistic expense analysis.
  • Out of the box conversion of Concur Object model to Relational tables facilitating analytics ready data
  • Ability to create snapshot of your data on a daily/weekly/monthly basis (or any frequency)
  • Define and perform data quality check of business critical fields expense header and detail tables

Effective integrations with Nimmetry

Monitoring dashboards for production environment

Apply custom data filters to customizes target data tables from multiple sources

Enables maximum connectivity with all different vendors and service providers

Information model auto-suggest correlated tables or objects for extraction. Helps generate denormalized tables along with normalized tables.


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